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World of Warcraft

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Alliance: US-Darkspear
Horde: US-Illidan

Garrys Mod

Under Construction


Tekkit Classic Join us for custom Tekkit Classic fun at:


About SnowLock Gaming
"The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation - a force for construction and destruction."
-Jonathan Haidt

SnowLock Gaming is dedicated to giving Gamers a place that they can refer to as home. We want gamers who might usually feel alone on their own terms find a means of community here at SnowLock.

Our aim is to provide a humble, welcoming community that inspires gamers to share in the wealth that is cooperation and companionship

We feel that gamers as a whole may be looked at as a strange group of people; however, gamers know that together we are all very similar in that we are all looking to escape from our every day life in new forms of entertainment. That's why at SnowLock we strive to provide a broad range of games for players to find friendship with players who might have similar interests as their own.

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